Monday, June 17, 2013

WTF Monday - Lard-Ass Britain

That's not a belt; that's an EQUATOR!

Glad to be bucking the fat fucker trend. I'm having to buy new belts for my new trousers as I kept having to poke new holes in my old fat belts. Yay for being a normal shape again thanks to Old Dive's Miracle Non-Diet™.


Petrea Burchard said...

Certainly Britain is no more lard-ass than the States. Or maybe...?

Ms M said...

Yes, Petrea's on to something. You could easily see that sign here, outside a clothing outlet store, for instance.

But yay for you, Dive, for bucking the big belt trend!

Speedway said...

In my attempt to not become as wide as one of the little Speedway garages, I've lost about 30 pounds since April 29, with many more to go.

I do not want to have to wear a 5XL belt, but over here, folks tend to lean towards the sweat-pants-for- every-occasion look.

Maria said...

I never think of people from England as being fat or needing 5XL anything. They always seem so thin and gracious.

But, even a fat guy with an English accent sounds so graceful and kind.

Julie Mclean said...

Hang onto those pants dear Dive You don't want the crown jewels on display - although I heard it is going to be 31 today. Maybe that it a good type of day to give them a right-royal airing!!!

dive said...