Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Grumpy Old Man Writes …

Guess who's fifty-smegging-four today …
And I'm grumpy as hell.
I get to spend my birthday driving to bloody Birmingham (the real one, not the one in Alabama) and my special birthday treat is attending an all day convention on dementia care home design.
Then I'll drive all the way back and fall into bed.


Alifan said...

Good morning Son, safe journey…

Happy Birthday even if it is to be spent in a different way to what you may wish.

OMG where did the years go, if people wonder what you are wearing I may tell them it was very smart in those days, and unlike the jeans a check shirts that the dear little young children wear nowadays!

Jan and Liz if you look in who does the smile remind you of?

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Oh, Dive, the irony of your life! LMAO!

You were such a cute kid. And 54 is so young, especially for rebels like you. Intend to keep your childlike awe of the world and imagination and you won't feel old at all!

Do something fun today. Give yourself a nice gift. Daydream and think about designing the kind of place you would like to live in if you had to. (I know what I would like, and believe me, it wouldn't be all about knitting blankets and doing geriatric exercises.)

Wear a big, floppy red, hat, just to see people's reactions.

When I am in my 80's, I hope someone reminds me to get that next ear piercing I've talked about.

Speedway said...

Happy Birthday, Dive!

I am with Katherine on this - look at the world with wonder every day. Find a bit of beauty in it, just as you did when you were (and remain) that cute, sturdy little boy in the picture.

And keep that wonder in mind as you build for patients. Give them beauty every day, rather than some cement block cell.

My brother had a cerebral anurysm 4 yrs ago. The limitations he experiences today are due more to the long period of enforced bed rest rather than the original injury. He and I wonder why everyone seems so OLD. We wonder how everyone else got so gloomy while we are looking for stuff to do, to conquer.

Keep you sense of humor, and look for stuff to do. :-D


Petrea Burchard said...

HBD, Dive. I know you like to complain, so do, if it makes you happy. I found out through practice that I'm the only one who can change my life. If you want change, you get to make it. That's a gift if there ever was one.

Plus I'm older than you.

Ms M said...

Well, happy birthday, Dive! Great photos of you from so long ago. Katherine gives sage advice, and Speedway's link is a delightful variation of an old tradition. But we know you like to rant at times -- and no one rants better than you :-)

Hope you celebrate at least a little bit with some good food and drink. Here's to your birthday (*clink*)!

dive said...

Thank you all for your wonderful support and sage advice.
As for my birthday food and drink, I endured some really bad convention centre coffee and - having looked at the dementia care catering company's freebie lunches - decided to fast for the day.

Shiela Dixon said...

I'm sorry I read this too late to suggest a meet-up - with you being only half an hour away. Next time do let me know!

dive said...

It would have been great, but I was in a contractor's car with a bunch of idiots. If I have to go up there again and use my own car I'll definitely be making a sideways detour to Ashby.

Vanda said...

(Un)Happy birthday, Grumpy-pooh! You were one cute little kid.

dive said...

Thank you, Vanda. I'm still cute … cute like a hairy slug.